Cyberdriveillinois or is a website that allows people to access the information related to the Illinois Secretary of State. It is the official website of the Illinois Secretary of State. It contains the state laws, archives, records, state’s vehicle and driver licensing authority. The principal functions of this agency are primarily addressing the duty of State’s Secretary. In other words, the Secretary of State (SOS) office in Illinois is the agency which takes in charge of the state’s vehicle associated businesses and drivers license transaction. You can get help by contacting them to the Driver Services Department in SOS, which handles the matters of driving and license.


Fundamental Information about Cyberdriveillinois

There is a vast amount of information is recorded in the Cyberdriveillinois agency, where 8.5 million state residents driving licenses are issued. Moreover, there are also 3 millions of people have their state ID card. Therefore, they have to register state driving information and moreover they have the rights to take any strong action against those drivers who do not maintain the driving rules.

Services of Driver at Cyberdriver in Illinois-

A wide number of driving services are registered in Illinois’s Cyberdrive services i.e at which take their own significance. These services are provided in the following for your convenience

  • In terms of driver’s license registration and rectification, you can access their services at Cyberdriveillinois portal to make any changes in the drivers’ address.
  • You can also take help from them to register your vehicle.


Apart from registration, they also facilitate different application forms for different vehicles like motorcycles, commercial and regular driving license. Moreover, you can get information about all the various training programs for commercial driving. This is particularly arranged by Illinois’s Cyberdrive. Not only that!! They make yourself more comfortable by providing the facility of ‘Temporary Visitor Driver’s License’ (TVDL).

  • However, they are not only concerned about drivers and their license, but they also worried about Child passenger safety laws, thereby they also facilitate learning program to all drivers. They also arranged a couple of driver programs regarding state-recognized driver education.
  • In terms of person driver transaction, you may access their online portal to get their online facility to search an SOS office near your required location. It is quite wonderful in terms of taking help at road test exam or taking any written driving license.
  • If you are a young one for driving then you do not need to worry because you can get your important information about Graduated Driver’s License program in Illinois.
  • Moreover, it can offer you to complete your transactions related to registration and recording vehicle title.
How to contact Cyberdriver in Illinois?

After getting sufficient information about their facilities and functions you must think to contact them immediately for your vehicles and license. Thereby, you need to access their official website
Through this portal, you can resolve your problem and issues related to vehicle transactions. Moreover, you can get help from their physical address of SOS offices. If you want to go for physical help, then you need to check the page of facility finder at the above mentioned principal website. However, around the state, you can take help from any one of 130 field offices.

Key Information for Helping Desk

If you want to contact them to their main address then you need to go to 213 State Capitol, Springfield, IL 62756. Moreover, you may contact them to their contact numbers- 888-261-5238. Except for this number, if you are a senior driver then you can call 888-261-7863. The person in charge of the SOS office in Illinois has the authority to solve those issues regarding drivers’ commercial licenses and regular licenses. Moreover, they also provide learner’s permit and state ID cards.

This is not the end!! They also offer placards for disability parking and auto dealer registrations. They also arrange mandatory verification services of vehicle’s insurance and the Pick-a-plate program. This does not end here, yet to come!! As they facilitate more other programs like they are responsible for citizens of Illinois in which the Veteran’s History Project is included. This project is chiefly organized to achieve the historical data regarding veterans and Illinois citizens who served their state and country at war times.

Important Services

The law and tradition have allocated various additional responsibilities to the office, which has one of the most diverse and largest collections of services. These services are really widely elaborated and fulfil different requirements of the people. However, without wasting any more time we are heading to provide their important services-

  • Address Change for Motorists

They offer the motorists to have an opportunity to make any change of their address and name by their online services. Apart from this if you need to make any change regarding driver’s license then you can get information from their official links which we have already provided.


  • Apply for Vehicle’s title and Registration

They serve Electronic registration and nameplate registering system. It allows you to complete your application for a vehicle’s transaction and print them.

  • Circuit Breaker License Plate Discount Refunds

They have a specific community namely Benefit Access Program Request which considers compensation for those people who are taking part in this program. They can get this compensation on sticker renewal and license plates. Throughout the process, the one and only responsible authority are Secretary of State (SOS).


  • Corporation & Limited Liability Corporation Online Filings

This sector facilitates different services regarding business and on their official website where you can get a page where you can access the areas of Business Services and can fill their provided forms.


  • Duplication or Correction of a Driver’s License

Here, you can correct the drivers’ license and also can change your commercial drivers’ license through their providing information page. It serves details about replacing, correcting the driver’s license and obtaining a commercial driver’s license.


  • Public Record Finding

It has an archives database which considers you to acumen different database within archives site.

  • Renew a Driver’s License

There is a department called Driver Services Department which serves licenses to a huge number of people. This figure may be around 8.5 million Illinois drivers and moreover, they are also able to offer 3 million photo identification cards to both drivers and non-drivers at different 130 locations.


  • Obtain an Identification Card

The Secretary of State (SOS) informs the drivers about the necessary documents for registering the ID card of both regular and commercial drivers.


  • Parental Access to Teen Driving Records

This is one of the most innovative and useful features of their official website, whether a special power has given to the parents of teen drivers. They can obtain their teenager’s driving record through this site and this is really amazing for every guardian.

Check all the vehicle transactions and driver information at Cyberdriveillinois or official website now.